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“If we come to see adolescence as a period of time,

and adolescents as individuals,

filled with untapped potential,

we are much more likely to see the realization

of that possibility and power in positive directions.”

—Dan Siegel


Being a teenager can be overwhelming. It is a transitional age where kids struggle to discover who they are going to be in the world. Being the parent of a teenager can be frustrating as they test their independence and challenge authority and boundaries.


The battle to balance the ability to feel worthwhile and competent in multiple settings (school, social, family) often results in family disruption, social isolation or risky, acting out behavior. Depression and anxiety are common. In some cases, teenagers turn to self-harm in an attempt to feel control or to express their inability to be heard. Parents become concerned and frustrated, families are thrown into turmoil, and inevitably, the teenager suffers a loss of self-value and his/her sense of security.


  • Find creative and appropriate ways to be heard in a safe, non-judgmental environment

  • Identify and cultivate values, goals, & dreams

  • Identify and promote unique strengths

  • Identify and advocate in areas of struggle

  • When self-harm is present, identify more effective means of expression

  • When necessary, create a team approach to address more serious issues

  • Create effective, loving and respectful communication skills

  • Help parents and teens communicate in more effective, loving and mutually respectful ways

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