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“Just as the pure white lotus flower blooms

unsoiled in muddy water, our lives,

which are supremely noble, can continue to shine

even amid life’s harshest realities.”

—Daisaku Ikeda


Life throws us curves.


Just when you think you've found your path and you're finally on your way, you come across something unexpected; a fork in the road, an obstacle, a hidden curve, a plot twist. These unexpected developments can make it difficult to meet the challenges of everyday life. Love. Family. Children. Friends. Loss. Aging. Illness. Career. Money. Expectations. Disappointments. Mistakes. They all add pressure to an already pressure-filled world.


Our job will be to navigate those obstacles together; to allow new paths to emerge and reveal new possibilities.

  • Persistent anxiety, depression, stress

  • Trauma & Crisis

  • Dissociation, Depersonalization, Derealization

  • Religious Trauma

  • Cult Trauma

  • Issues around Childhood Attachment

  • Partners of sex addicts

  • Addiction & substance abuse recovery

  • Difficult life transitions

  • Issues related to aging

  • Relationship conflict, growth & healing


  • Love addiction & codependency

  • Traumatic Grief & Loss

  • Issues of Spirituality & Meaning

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