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"The human soul, as a part of the movement of life,

is endowed with the ability to participate

in the uplift, elevation, perfections and completion."

—Alfred Adler

do I need therapy?

Therapy isnʼt for everyone. On the other hand, therapy is for everyone. For the most part, we are all able to navigate inevitable the pitfalls and disappointments of life fairly easily without any huge interruptions to our lives. Most of us have developed a community—our own personal support system. These are people—family and friends—who care about us, and listen, and help us through difficult times. We are there for them and they are there for us. This is our trusty support system—our team.

Occasionally, the challenges of life pile on higher and higher until we are at the point of Overwhelm (with a capital “O”). Maybe too much is happening all at once, or the problems have become just too big. Either way, we aren't handling the challenges as well as we normally do and we are now leaning more heavily than ever on the team.

When challenges are more complex or more prolonged than usual, we start to wear out the support system starts. Friends and family might offer suggestions and advice as always. But now, the advice isnʼt as helpful. Sometimes we even come to resent it. But we continue to suffer and continue to lean on the team. This is often about the time when those in our support system start to pull away. Theyʼre frustrated. They're rejected. And rightfully so. This happens when our needs exceed our normal ability to cope and the team's ability to be helpful. But our need to talk, to process, to push through stuckness and pain doesnʼt end. Thatʼs when we can benefit from someone with a little more expertise. Someone with objectivity, empathy, patience, and skills to help us move through the most difficult times.


Thatʼs where therapy comes in.

Therapy goes deeper than advice. In fact, most of us therapist-types donʼt like to give advice at all. Therapy is not about what anyone else thinks you should do or be. Therapy is about collaborating with you to find your own truths, your own strengths. your own authenticity. By making space for you to explore your circumstances at a profound level, we can begin to strengthen your unique resiliency to help you better cope with life challenges, and live a more fulfilled and balanced life.

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